ReNewport Grant Awarded to 247, LLC

247, LLC has open a new Laundromat at 2505 Highway 367 North in Newport. They applied for and received a ReNewport Grant from the Newport Economic Development Commission (NEDC). ReNewport Grants were developed by the NEDC to improve the overall appearance of the community by assisting businesses in making exterior renovations to their facilities, thus making Newport more attractive to residents, visitors and new businesses considering Newport as a place to locate. The grants are a 50/50 matching grant with a cap of $2,500 in grant funding. The grants can be used for painting, landscaping, signage and other approved exterior improvements. The NEDC sets aside $35,000 of it’s budget each year for the popular program and local businesses are invited to obtain an application through the NEDC office. Grants will be awarded as they are submitted until the funds for the year have been spent. The Newport Economic Development Commission congratulates 247, LLC on their grant and on the improvements that they have made to their facility.