Note from Jackson County Health Officer – COVID19

A note from our Jackson County Health Officer
Message from Jackson County Health Officer, Dr Guilford Dudley
I have been asked so many times since this Virus has appeared how important is it to wear a face mask….Arkansas Department of Health recommends wearing a mask when out in public areas and when social distancing (6 feet apart) is not possible. I personally feel that it is very important in following their guidelines in order to keep from spreading the virus. It is an act of kindness and showing love for your neighbor. We know that this virus can effect people differently such as some has no symptoms at all and some can become very sick with this and some could lead to mortality. Please wear a mask to protect each other. Please review the below examples of wearing a mask and not wearing a mask. Our cases here in our County has gotten to 26 as of yesterday, cases are in Newport, Tuckerman and Bradford. This virus is not untouchable to anyone.
Thank you