New Newport Smartphone App Unveiled

Would you like to be able to find the phone number of any Newport business at your fingertips at any time?  Guess what, there’s an app for that!  How about getting turn by turn directions from your location right to the front door of the business you seek?  There’s an app for that too!  What about a mobile community calendar that highlights the events coming up in Newport and Jackson County over the remainder of the year?  You got it, there’s an app for that as well!

The brand new Newport mobile app is now available to download on all mobile phones; IPhones, Android phones and Windows phones.  The app is made available by the Newport Economic Development Commission to help local residents and guests to the community connect with our businesses.  You can download the app from your app store by typing “Newport Arkansas” into the search function and you will see a Newport, Arkansas app.

The Newport Economic Development Commission and the Newport Area Chamber of Commerce worked together with the City of Newport to obtain as complete a list of businesses as possible from the phone book, business license list and Chamber membership list.  Corrections may be needed on a few businesses and changes can easily be made.  Just email any changes to or call 870-523-1009 and submit the changes that need to be made.  It takes about a week for the changes to update on the app.

The app has a Business Directory that lists local businesses by alphabetical name or by category.   The business listing has the name of the business, the address and a place for a two sentence description.  Businesses need to submit the two sentence description to the Newport Economic Development Office if they would like to have it included.  There is a “Call Business” feature that allows you to dial the business directly from the app and a “Show Map” feature that locates the business on a map of Newport.  Using the convenient “Directions” feature you can actually get turn by turn directions from your location to the front door of the businesses you seek.

The Events Directory lists upcoming events in Newport and Jackson County that will be of interest to the entire family.  The directory includes the title of the event, a brief description of the event, the event location, date and time.  To have your community events included in the calendar, please email them to either or 

Additional features of the app include the weather, a place to sign up for the Newport Economic Development Commission’s newsletter, the Newport Area Chamber of Commerce’s upcoming events email, a link to the Facebook and Twitter pages and place to request information.

So you want something that will help you keep your spending local and find exactly what you need while also keeping you informed of everything that is going on guess what, there’s an app for that!  The Newport Arkansas app!  Download it today!