Major Street Repaving Project in Newport this Summer

The Arkansas Department of Transportation (ArDOT) will be repaving Third Street, Malcolm Avenue and Hwy 367 from the foot of the Blue Bridge through Newport and Diaz. This project will go beyond just an ordinary repaving project and will include a significant amount of base work, especially on the outside lanes. The outside lanes nearest the curb will be removed three feet below the existing surface with a concrete base being installed before the asphalt surface is applied.

ArDOT knows that this project will create traffic issues in Newport and will impact businesses along the route. The contractor will work hard to lessen the negative impact as much as possible. Some of the steps being taken include the following: working in one-half mile sections at a time to reduce the length of construction and speed up the reopening of lanes; leaving at least one driveway or one back way into a business while construction is going on in front of that business; making sure the junction points between the new asphalt surface and the business driveways is smooth and makes a suitable transition; and working to get the sections in front of businesses open as soon as they possibly can.

This project will start the second week of June and is anticipated to last 3 ½ months. Weather delays could extend that time if we have significant adverse weather during the summer. The process will be inconvenient for several months, however, the end result will be extremely beneficial to the community.