Delta Visual Arts Show Receives a Grant for 2015 Show

Governor Mike Beebe recently announced grant awards made by the Arkansas Arts Council.   The awards included a Collaborative Project Support Grant to D.R.I.V.E. for the 7th Annual Delta Visual Arts Show to be held in 2015.  The grant award is $8,867 to go toward the support of hosting the show.  Artists at the 2014 show donated over 150 pieces of art that will be sold at the Evening with the Arts auction and fundraiser in August to compliment the grant funds.   “This support from the Arkansas Arts Council is so valuable to us,” stated Jon Chadwell, Executive Director of the Newport Economic Development Commission.  “It will allow us to continue to keep the Delta Visual Arts Show free to the public and free to the artists.”  Over 155 artist have already registered for the 7th Annual Delta Visual Arts Show to be held in February 2015.  Since the show will be limited to 175 booths it is nearing capacity with nearly eight month to go before the event.  For more information about the Delta Visual Arts Show feel free to email your questions to or call 870-523-1009.