Newport Welcomes Clinton School Team

The Newport Economic Development Commission (NEDC) and Newport’s Downtown Revitalization and Improvement Volunteer Effort (DRIVE) are excited to again be working with a Practicum Team from the Clinton School of Public Service.   The team is comprised of Stacy Cox from Little Rock, Arkansas; Zachary Glembin from Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Beau Papan from Little Rock, Arkansas; and Keith Preciados from Miami, Florida.

The team will be continuing Newport’s efforts to grow an “arts culture” in Newport by working on a resource plan for the restoration and renovation of a historic building in downtown Newport that will serve as the Blue Bridge Center for the Delta Arts.  The team will shape the fundraising efforts to develop this space for the creative economy in Newport by creating a hub for revitalization in the downtown area.  It is interesting to note that the seed for this project was planted eight years ago by a previous team of Clinton School students.  Great things happen when organizations form partnerships, and Newport’s partnership with the Clinton School of Public Service definitely illustrates this principle. 

“The partnership with the Clinton School has been extremely valuable to Newport in the past,” said Jon Chadwell, director of the Newport Economic Development Commission, “and we look for wonderful things from this year’s team as well.” 

The team was introduced at the Newport Business Resource Center on September 15, 2015.  The final project plan and report will be due to the community and the Clinton School in April.  For more information on this project and other developments in Newport and Jackson County, feel free to contact the Newport Economic Development Commission at (870) 523-1009.