Jackson County Community Alumni Database

Members of New Vision Newport Class 13 are teaming up with the NEDC to spread the word about an exciting new project.  The Jackson County Community Alumni Database will connect former and current Jackson County residents with their hometown for myriad and varied purposes, from disseminating news to marketing economic opportunities and even mobilizing citizens on legislation affecting the area.

To join the database, simply go to www.newportarcity.org , look for the link to the Jackson County Community Alumni Database Project, click it and follow the instructions.  There, you’ll be guided through a series of questions, and you can simply answer as many or as few you like.  All information is confidential and will not be shared with any company, individual or organization.  The information you choose to share will help craft how the database works for you, and you for it.  For instance, an applicant who submits minimal information can expect to receive an occasional email detailing upcoming events in town.  However, those who supply their educational background and occupation can elect to receiver notifications when a job in the area that matches their qualifications becomes available, making this an exciting tool for former Newportians who’d like to return to their hometown.  Stay connected, be informed and learn about great opportunities.  Join the Jackson County Community Alumni Database TODAY.

Contact Jon Chadwell or Courtney Baker at 870-523-1009 for more information.