Improving Women’s Employment Opportunities in Jackson County

The Newport Economic Development Commission, the Newport Area Chamber of Commerce, and the Clinton School of Public Service are partnering to study the barriers faced by women in Jackson County as they consider employment. Once the barriers have been identified through survey results, the Clinton School team will research other communities with similar issues and find some “best practices” solutions that can be implemented in our community.

The goal is to give women the resources they need to enter the workforce and find rewarding jobs and careers in Jackson County. The survey will take 3 to 5 minutes and you can take it from your smart phone or your computer.

Just open your phone’s camera and place the QR code in the frame like you are taking a picture and a link to the survey should pop up. Or you can follow this link – Women in the Workforce Survey.

Please share this email with any women you think might take the survey, especially those you know who have faced challenges entering the workforce or finding rewarding employment. If you would prefer to take the survey over the phone, then feel free to call Christel or Courtney at 870-523-1009. The deadline to participate in the survey is 5 pm March 15th.