Newport Economic Development Commission

The members of the Newport Economic Development Commission are appointed to five year terms by the Mayor and the City Council. The Commission guides the uses and expenditures of the 1/2% economic development sales tax collected in the city limits of Newport. The Commissioners welcome input and ideas from the citizens of Newport and all Commission meetings are open to the public. The Commission meets on the second Tuesday of the month at 7 am at the Newport Business Resource Center, 201 Hazel Street, Newport, AR 72112.

Newport Economic Development Commission

Chair – Dean Sides, 870-523-2792 Email

Vice-Chair – Jim Gowen, Sr., 870-523-3601 Email

Treasurer – Mike Turner, 870-523-3490 Email

Commissioner – Scott Foushee, 870-579-2268 Email

Commissioner – Benjy Harris, 870-523-5559 Email

Commissioner – Tommy Okada, 870-523-3693 Email

Commissioner – Nyesha Greer, 870-523-1351 Email

Commissioner – Sandra Massey, 870-512-7841 Email

Commissioner – Lee Scoggins, 870-523-8767 Email

Executive Director – Jon Chadwell, 870-523-1009 Email

Administrative Assistant – Courtney Cook, 870-523-1009 Email